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Good morning, HHMS students! Here are your announcements for December 11, 2017.

LUNCH: Chicken fettuccine alfredo or fish sandwich or corn dog, salad, apple; SALAD BAR: Nachos and cheese, salad, fruit

Success Clinic on Tuesday with Mrs. Muller, 3-4pm.

Tonight’s Events…
     7th grade boys basketball vs NE Dubois, 5:30pm in the Blue Gym
     8th grade boys basketball at NE Dubois, 5:30pm.

Voluntary track workouts happen after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s. These voluntary workouts are only for athletes who are not in a winter sport.

PE/Health: Red to Health, Blue to PE

Thought for the Day: “Adversity causes some to break, it causes others to break records.”